This blog us a collecting of things  I want to remember – What I find worthy 🙂

I don’t have all the sources listed – some of it is mine 🙂 Much of it is thanks to other bloggers (Thank you for all your wonderful ideas – if you are on my blog that means you are WORTHY!)

As to any content that does not belong to me (not my intellectual property). If it is yours and you are SUPER strong about me removing the wonderful content that is WORTHY of sharing and re-sharing again and again with the world – to make the world a better place – anyways, please email me (notify me right away and  I will remove the content. (the internet is our chance to reach out and educate the many…}

If it is not yours and you utilize it in any way, please respect the rights of the creators (they are wonderful!),  in other words do not steel or claim what is not yours.

I am just compiling my worthy list – Enjoy and spread the positive.


  1. Greetings. While compiling ideas for our application, we have seen some great material from cartoons to activities and reflections. Would you mind if we used or adapted a few of these for our on-line free App? Happy to give you credit. 😀 Twyla Werstein


  2. This is my first time reading your blog and I am enthralled! Excellent content regarding social skill instruction. I will use these ideas on the front line with middle school students identified having behavior issues (we all do). Thank you in advance for empowering my students and co-workers.


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