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How To Make A Walk-In Bubble and Giant Sensory Bed

bubble (1) bubble (5) bubble (6)

1. Tape 2 pieces of painters’ plastic (available at Wal-Mart, etc) together at the edges with clear packing tape. 

2. Leave a corner edge open to insert a fan ~ Tape fan to plastic  

3. Cut a slit for the doorway and turn fan on low. This is great fun for the kids!

Other Uses:

  • You can also use this as the inside of a human body (hang organs in it)
  • As a Bat Cave for Halloween
  • Put stars in it to learn about constellations
  • As a Blob Monster that eats all the stuffed animals in the house (have the kids climb into the half deflated bubble to rescue them).

The are many, many more uses for an adventure bubble like this and the kids love it!

Life Inside A Bubble: Not much is more exciting to kids than spending time inside an inflatable bubble.  Let your kids set up camp ~ with blankets, pillows and the Wii.  This can be both an Indoor or Outdoor Activity.


Whale “Lucy” 

Your class or group can build a 55-foot long, 8-foot diameter model of a whale that can be carried in a duffel bag by one person. The directions and a list of materials needed to build this unique educational resource are in the booklet, “How to Build an Inflatable (55 ft.) Whale.” The booklet also includes suggested classroom activities and data. Estimated cost for materials is about $60.00. The cost for this instruction booklet is $10.00! 

Click Here to order this booklet, check out the creators website and accompanying videos! 

Giant Sensory Bag


Waterbed ~ Outdoor Fun for Kids: 2 Shower curtains (buy at Big Lots $2), Fold the Edges over x2 & Tape them down – tape all around the sides & 3 layers of tape on the corners – Leave a space for the hose to go in – Add some watercolor – Fill on a VERY FLAT surface – pull out hose, dry opening with a towel & seal off with Duct tape. ~Let the kids relax on it, jump on it, use it as a Slip n Slide! ** Add some glitter for fun!

Giant Outdoor Waterbed

DSC_0212_edited-1WB (57)photo_edited-1

~ Sensory Play Outside! Use one Tarp (HUSKY Plastic Sheet 10’x25’-3.5mil) – Fold Sheet in half, Tape with Duct Tape (make sure to reinforce with lots of extra duct tape) ~ Fill with water and food coloring! *For extra sensory fun add balls, fish etc. ~ Make sure to fill it on a FLAT ground.

Walk in Bubble

PAHM (259)_edited-1photo_edited-1PAHM (270)_edited-1

Outdoor Fun for Kids – All you need is plastic sheeting, duct tape & a fan. Seal the sides with duct tape, leave a hole for the fan & a hole to crawl in & out. Get “HUSKY” Plastic Sheeting from Home Depot (1 Sheeting was used for the photo above). ~ Paint inside the bubble, throw plastic balls etc.



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