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40 Sensory Bags for Kids

Sensory Bags are a great way for kids to expand their sense of touch, creativity, and adventure, and they are so easy to make!

Here are Some Ideas from all around the Internet! 


For a basic sensory bag, all you have to do is 1) open a plastic bag, 2) squeeze in some cheap hair gel and 3) drop some small items in the bag (Bead pictured above). That’s it! You can reinforce the zipper seal with some packing tape for added security. The dollar store will be your best friend for this project!


Put seashells in blue gel for a look that will make you long for the Caribbean.


Mix some body wash with hair gel and throw in a dash of sparkles for some sudsy, sparkly fun. The more you squeeze it, the more bubbly it becomes.


Or see how your little one responds when you give them a sensory bag that glows! (Five-pack of glow sticks also found at the dollar store).


Fill the bag with hair gel (cheap already colored gel – if not colored add food coloring). Then, throw in some fun things for baby to look at and squish around in the gel.  Squeeze out as much air as you can when you seal the bag. Run duct tape around all the edges to reinforce it.


To make a sensory water bag, simply fill up a ziplock with little items and water. Pictured above is a lid, beads, pieces of straws, a toy lizard, foam letter stickers, and pom poms. Then, tape off all sides to make sure it doesn’t leak. Use packaging tape. If you have a food sealer, use that.


Take a ziplock bag–freezer bags are best because they are the thickest and most durable. Fill with a bottle of hair gel, and then whatever little trinkets you can find. Pictured above are some beads, plastic fish and frogs, marbles, and a shiny new penny.  Then,  trim the whole thing with duct tape to make sure it does not leak or split open at the edges. Decorative duct tape ~ black and white checkers are a perfect bold visual for infants! 


To make these really cool sensory bags, all you need is some hair gel, baggies, and food color. Fill each bag with about ½ cup of hair gel. Seal the tops of each bag with clear packaging tape.

exercise-feather-painting-gel-bags-192 exercise-feather-painting-gel-bags-082

Add some foam/sponge Fish to the bags – Mix some Colors – Tape them to a Window – Serve a Yummy Blue Jello in cup with Swedish Fish Topping!

TIP: To remove the Ziploc print from the baggie all you need is to lightly rub the white letters and symbols with a very little nail polish remover and a sponge and the white print will come right off – easy peazy…


sensory bags play 3

Soapy Sparkle Squish Bag: Fill a a ziplock bag with one bottle of blue ocean body wash (The Dollar Tree).  Add a bunch of confetti.  Reinforce the ziplock bag with clear packaging tape before giving it to the kids. This sensory bag is so FUN!  The more you handle it the more soapy bubbles you create, and the best part, they sparkle!

sensory play for babies shaving cream bag 44

Have you ever put shaving cream in a ziplock bag before?  It feels amazing! It is truly fun for all ages! Add blue and yellow food coloring to the bag to create a new color, Fantastic Activity of how colors mix to create other colors.

Remember it’s not just our hands that like these sensory experiences. These sensory bags allow for an all over body experience and don’t forget about feet either! You can add these little erasers pictured above for extra sensory play – find them at the Dollar Store! By adding some food coloring you can make things even more interesting. The gel being so dense and oily, does not distribute the colour easily so the children will have a fabulous time trying to mix the colours together. Clear Hair Gel works great too. Use Baby Oil and add some colored water as well. Naturally the oil and water don’t mix which adds a lovely bit of science to the experience.


Sensory Bag with Sand and Water!

Image (30)Image

Let Kids put together some Sensory Bags Themselves ~ Set up a Creation Station: Colored water, oil, aloe vera, shampoo, food coloring, hair gel, Sand, Dirt, Corn Starch, Coffee. Measuring Cups and Spoons, heavy duty baggies, Cotton balls, dry pasta, different color pom poms, coins, sunflower seeds, easter “grass”, sprinkles, lavender bath salts, small toy dinosaurs, marbles, sprinkles, nutmeg and cinnamon.


Hair Gel & Lentils or Buttons.


Blue hair gel into a Ziploc baggie. Find a bottle at dollar stores. Add water animal foam sponges, beads, and glitter. Seal it and then put it inside another Ziplock bag in an effort to avoid any messes.


Add some water, some baby oil and a few drops of food coloring for your color.  Carefully zip up your bag and tape all around where the zipper is….and then tape some more!! You definitely don’t want this thing to leak. Then let the sensory fun begin!!  Kids will love watching everything “swim” around in their “aquarium” as they play with the bag.  With older kids you can have fun playing “I spy”!


Tape to a Window and allow child to Play with the Fish in the “Aquarium”

Butterfly-Sensory-Bags-019 Butterfly-Sensory-Bags-015

Start by putting small drops of paint into a baggie (quart sized baggies or larger is best). Wrapp a length of tape across both edges of the baggie. Then lay the baggie down flat and use your fingers to mix the colors of paint and spread them all around the inside of the baggie. Once all the paint is spread all about, then you are ready to twist a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) around the middle to make the butterfly antennae


 Giant Sensory Bag – Waterbed ~ Outdoor Fun for Kids: 2 Shower curtains (buy at Big Lots $2), Fold the Edges over x2 & Tape them down – tape all around the sides & 3 layers of tape on the corners – Leave a space for the hose to go in – Add some watercolor – Fill on a VERY FLAT surface – pull out hose, dry opening with a towel & seal off with Duct tape. ~Let the kids relax on it, jump on it, use it as a Slip n Slide! ** Add some glitter for fun!


Halloween Googly Eye Sensory Bag – orange hair gel and some googly eyes – Tape it to a window.


Watermelon Sensory Bags ~ Black Foam Seeds (cut out from black foam/sponge), Hair Gel, some Red Food Coloring and Green Tape for the Watermelon “rind.”

Picture 165

Outer Space Theme Sensory Bag ~ Add foam aliens, glitter, hair gel, black food coloring etc.


Chili Pepper Sensory bag: Jar of molasses & chili pepper confetti. Painter’s Tape (or any tape to seal in the bag). Molasses (or any other gooey, syrupy substance lingering in your kitchen). The point of this Sensory bag is a reminder to all of us that many activities are simple, easy and at your fingertips right in our own home.

Fall Guess Bags

Rough caps over smooth acorns; bumpy pine cones; round, smooth freshly picked apples; crunchy, crackling leaves; cozy wool socks signifying an end to the barefoot days of summer: these, are how fall feels. Share these feelings with your kids, and have them focus on their sense of touch with these objects.

Preschooler Guess Bags

Sense of Touch Setup

Gather all the supplies- acorns, pine cones, an apple, a handful of leaves, a pair of socks, 5 bags and a bandanna to use as a blindfold. Now Play the Guessing Game! Talk about how each feels. Use a bandana as Blind Fold.

ADVISE: Make sure to ALWAYS seal your baggies securely! Cannot emphasize this enough. Unless you want your baggie opened and the contents poured out. SEAL IT… all around, TWICE! ALWAYS DOUBLE BAG all your Sensory baggies…ALWAYS! Use clear packing tape. You can also use duct tape. Its really a personal preference thing.
You can use sandwich baggies.  You can buy whatever is cheapest. You can get your baggies from the Dollar store ~ 60 baggies for $1. Remember always double bag and seal around every edge of the baggie. You can have Sensory Bags that last for several years even when they are played with daily!


glowing Sensory bags

Mix glow water (you need very little!) into the hair gel, Add googly eyes in varying sizes and glowing spiders (purchase at Michaels craft store for $1).   Make a Glowing Soapy Sparkle Sensory Bag Fill a ziplock bag with one bottle of dish soap (buy at The Dollar Tree).  Then, to make it glow, Add specks of varying glow in the dark paint colors.  You can also add glitter and a few pom poms. You can use Fluorescent paint ~ Click Here to purchase on Amazon $5 or Glow in the dark paint ~ Click Here to Purchase on Amazon $6 or Glow Water ~ See below for how to make glow water:

glowing water- yellow81QFPm3Jb+L._SL1500_

  • Nontoxic yellow highlighters
  • Water
Making glow water is simple!  All you need are non-toxic yellow highlighters and water. You can find 2-packs of jumbo highlighters at Target for under $1.00.  Pop the back off of the marker and pull out the ink soaked felt that is inside.  Then run the felt under a small stream of water with a bowl underneath to catch it.  Roughly 6 cups of water per highlighter and you will end up with insanely bright glow water!

Click Here for a Link that has 40 more different Sensory Bag Ideas for you to make with your kids! Pictures and Links for each Sensory Bag.

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