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Dysfunctional Family Roles (chart and visual)


The roles were first recognized in families of alcoholics. They have since been identified in just about every other dysfunctional family dynamic as well. And because codependents unconsciously change and shift roles, they emerge in adult relationships also. Roles that functioned satisfactorily as coping mechanisms in the original family simply do not work in adulthood, when all the interpersonal relationships change. If they aren’t altered, they destroy happiness and peace.

Everyone in the family is affected as well as those around the family. It takes years for a survivor to recover.

Awareness is always the first step toward healing.

Dysfunctional Family Roles Chart


Download here a printable explanation of Dysfunctional Family Roles and worksheet for those who are healing from surviving such a family: Growing_Up_In_a_Dysfunctional_Family (PDF)

Original Sources:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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