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Creating a Post Office and Writing Letter to Help a Creature Solve Problems ~ Kids

Create a Post Office center in your Home (or classroom)


The Post Office

  •  Kid can write to “Wrinkles” (or any other name you want to give your problem creature) ~  Wrinkles is a very stressed out dog.  Man, does he have problems! (Besides being a stuffed animal).
  • Make a MailBox for everyone in your family – Leave Love notes – “I Love You!” or Request Favors “Could you please defrost some chicken when you get home from school.” or Provide Reminders “Don’t forget Sunday we have breakfast at Grandma’s.” via written notes. This would even be fun for spouses to really engage in🙂
  • Great Activity for kids starting in 1st grade!
  • In the Classroom or at home – have a general mailbox bin for “outgoing mail” – you can deliver it to students or family members – or they can be handed out at “Family Meetings” – This would be an idea for starting Family Meetings🙂


Cards containing “Wrinkles” Problems that need to be solved (photo above)

Wrinkles Post Office

Download the letter Templates here: Post Office AH14Jk (PDF)

Download 12 “Wrinkle” Problem Cards here: Post Office (PDF)

Family Mail Boxes

A Trip to Home Depot, Lowe’s or Menards – purchase the cheapest mailboxes and a few cans of Spray Paint. Use Vinyl Letters to Add your child’s names. Great Way to Encourage Everyone in the Family to write letters to each other – Practice Reading, Writing, Service (giving)…. It’s also the perfect opportunity to serve someone anonymously in your home & it’s a great place to start teaching about service. Love notes, notes of encouragement, candy, stickers, toys.  (You might want to take advantage as well by exchanging sentiments with your spouse).  It’s important to teach service in the home first. As an added BONUS: These personal mailboxes provide you somewhere to RETURN items you find scattered throughout the house!

mailbox2 mailbox3 mailbox4

*handy hooks on the bottom for jackets, baseball caps, umbrellas or light sabers*

Original Sources:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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