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Calm Down Ice Cubes – Anger Management

Anger Management Topics to Review With Your Kids:

MOST IMPORTANT: Anger is a normal feeling that we ALL have. But, we need to be careful about how we REACT to feeling angry.


Review the 3 Anger Rules:

  1. You may not hurt yourself.
  2. You may not hurt others.
  3. You may not hurt property.

Use Metaphor – “FOUL BALL” in Sports –  (you can make this engaging & fun by using a prop ~ a whistle & making a referee’s arm motions for a foul in basketball).  Point out both: verbal fouls and physical fouls. When a foul is committed, one or more of the anger rules will be broken. Talk about which rules are broken for various examples of fouls.

The Body Mind Connection: talk about what Anger does to the Body ~ hot, red, sweaty, on fire, shaky, tight, headache, heart pounding, clenched jaw or fists, etc.


Review with Your Child Different Coping Skills that can be used to “Cool-Off” our anger so that we don’t commit a verbal or physical foul (therefore preventing us from breaking any of the anger rules). Make “Calm Down” ice cubes to Practice, teach & Talk about all the different ways to calm down when Angry. Make Sure the ice cubes frozen and cold!

  • Act Out the Calming Skill so they know just how to use them
  • Leave Some Ice Cubes Blank – so your kids can share strategies that work for them
  • Role Play
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!
Cool Down Ice Cubes
  • Purchase Ice Cubes on Summer Clearance or at the Dollar Store (thicker plastic ice cubes are best)
  • Use Fine Permanent Sharpie to write on them. Try to avoid touching the text on the Ice cubes (this will wear out the writing and make it fade away or completely off)
  • After using the Ice Cubes, Re-trace the writing to prevent Fading
 Here are Some Calm Down Strategies: 

Original Sources:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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