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Farm Animal and Snake Finger Puppets (free printable)


The template includes a piggy, a mouse, a cat, a rabbit and a horse. This horse is actually from Pipi Longstocking!

Download Templates here: mrprintables-farm-animal-finger-puppets-1

How To Make the Finger Puppets:

1. Print the finger puppet templates and cut them out. Cut around the white parts next to the cat’s nose.

2. Form the faces first. Fold the dotted lines and glue the areas marked ‘glue’.

3. Now roll the body parts into a ring and glue. Make the ring size big enough for your finger to snuggly fit through.

4. Roll up a small piece of paper into a ring to fit your finger tip. Again, it shouldn’t be a tight fit. Glue the ring inside the bottom of each animal’s head as in the photos. Adjust the fit for your finger if needed.


For Young Kids here is a FREE printable template for simple Farm animals (print, color, cut & simple wrap around a finger. Download here: fingerpuppet1 (PDF)

Snake Finger Puppets

This is also a great activity for celebrating the forthcoming Chinese Year of The Snake. There are 4 colorful designs plus a blank template you can design a great snake scale pattern for and color in yourself.


Download Colorful Template here: mrprintables-snake-finger-puppets-1512

Download Blank Template here: mrprintables-snake-finger-puppets-blank-1512

How to Make Snake Finger Puppets:

1. Print your favorite snakes or create your own. If you want to make the whole template smaller, choose ‘scale’ in the print options and adjust the percentage a tiny bit. Plain light weight paper works well. Heavy weight paper is not ideal for this puppet as the snake body likes to be flexible! Cut along the outlines.

2. Glue the sides of the snake’s face as in the photo to form a 3D head. Wrap the side tabs into rings and glue to fix. Your finger should fit loosely inside these rings.


Original Source:


Click Here for a tutorial and FREE printable template for these Bird Finger Puppets!


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