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Friendship Bug Activity: Social Skill

Friendship Bug Activity

How to Set Up For This Activity:

  1. Have toy Bugs sitting out to “set the mood”
  2. Find Bug Shape Coloring Pages on Google (or see below for free printable)
  3. Print the Bug Shapes
  4. Have Your Child choose 2 Bugs – Cut out the tracing
  5. Glue The Bug Tracing to Construction Paper
  6. Have Your Child write down 5 “Things That Bug Me” or bother them.
  7. Expand this activity by asking your child to write down 3 “Things That I do That Might Bug Someone Else”

** Self Reflection is more difficult Try sharing with your child things that you do that might bother other people. Talk about different things that others do that “bug” or bother us. For example:

  • tattling
  • being bossy
  • teasing
  • laughing at others mistakes
  • name calling
  • being a copycat
  • breaking promises
  • whining
  • taking things without permission
  • cutting in line
  • telling a lie
  • blaming
  • yelling
  • not sharing
  • being left out
  • ignoring
  • rolling eyes 
  • interrupting 

End with a nice conversation about how they can apply this knowledge in their everyday lives at school and at home. Such as trying to be a little more aware of how their actions can impact others. Good for ages 5 years to 10 years.

Make a “What Bugs Me” Jar OR “What’s Bugging You” Jar to keep the plastic bugs in. bugjars1lg mYuvWBLbKa6w6qvc39pqKegphoto 1

 How to Lose All Your Friends is a Wonderful book to go along with this Activity.
Click here to Purchase this book on Amazon for $6

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Ways to Deal with Anger – Wonderful Activity Idea

Click Here for an Alternative Behavior Awareness “What Bugs You” Activity (purchase a packet $2)

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Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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