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Uno Dare with a Twist ~ Family Bonding Game


Uno Family Nurture Dare ~ This game is from a Play Therapist to engage the parent in the child therapy sessions since parent involvement is KEY – But what a FANTASTIC game to play with your children at home as a FAMILY and promote Bonding & Connection

Group of 2 or more family members; ages 5 through adult


  • One Uno Dare card game (or a traditional Uno deck)
  • Lotion
  • Brush/Comb
  • Small Snacks (Popcorn, Gold Fish etc.)
  • Play Doh (dough)
  • Dare List (below)

81b2MPRjz0L._SL1500_Click Here to Purchase Uno Cards on Amazon for $6

Modifications – use a regular Uno deck and make changes on the cards as follows:
16 cards need to be adjusted into “dare” cards: using 8 +2 cards – 2 blue, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 green;  and 8 Wild cards.  You can write the word “dare” on each of these 16 cards.  Then play the game as described above.

Game Rules:

Uno Dare has four game cards for the players to use during the game.  These cards are called “Dare Cards” and have four categories. Family, House Rules, Daredevil, and Show-off.  In the traditional rules of Uno Dare, the players choose one card they will refer to during the game, prior to beginning. Each Dare card has a number that corresponds to the number on the chosen card.  The person who got the Dare card decides to either choose a dare or follow the directions of the card.  If the player picks “dare,” they read and complete the directions that correspond to the number on the dare card.  If, after reading the card, the person changes their mind, that is okay, they need to go back and do what the original card said.

You Tube Video of Original Game Uno Dare (ages 7+)

In Uno Family Nurture Dare the four game cards are replaced by one list: the Nurturing the Positives Dare List (see below).  If you’d like to get fancy you can replace each of the four game cards with four different personalized areas of need to meet the needs of your family.  For this version the questions are broad to meet the needs of everyone.  The goals of the activities should be to promote bonding and connection, and to increase laughing among family members.

Nurturing the Positives Dare List:

1.      Play Patty Cake with a partner.
Show one person you love them by hugging them as long as you can.
Do not talk with your eyes open until your next turn.
Let someone mess your hair up.
Ask someone for a hug.
Parent applies lotion to child’s hands.
Adult brush child’s hair.
Child ask parent to feed you/adult feed your child.
Child ask for a massage/parent massage child.
Child sit on parent’s lap/parent ask child to sit on your lap.
Make a funny face at a partner and who ever laughs first gets an extra turn.
Play “This little piggy” on toes with a partner.
Parent rocks child like an infant.
Use play doh to make a hand print of a partner.
Parent applies lotion to child’s feet.
16.    Child acts like a cat, adult acts like a dog and chase each other around the
room, catch each other and hug.

You Tube Video of Patty Cake

You Tube Video of the Three Little Piggies

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Original Source:

Molly Gratton, LCSW, RPT-S has been the President of Idaho APT since July 2009. She is the founder and owner of Molly and Me Counseling and Training Center providing counseling services to children, adolescents and families as well as play therapy training and supervision services.

She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Kansas.  She’s a graduate of the 2009 APTLeadership Academy and in 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 served as a member of the APT Conference Program Committee. In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Molly was a member of the Key Awards and a member of the APT Public Awareness Task Force in 2013-2014. She is currently a member of the APT State Branch President’s Training Task Force.  To learn more about the services Molly provides check out her Facebook Page.


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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