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A Parent’s Guide To Blood Draws for Children (free printable)

Taking the Work Out of Blood Work: Helping Your Child With ASD

Resource for Parents and healthcare providers – doctors, nurses, lab technicians, nursing assistance in the pediatric medical world!

Download FREE handout here: ParentGuide

  • Tips to help Your Child have a Successful Blood Draw Before & During a Visit
  • Strategies For Relaxation And Distraction During Blood Draws
  • First & Then Board
  • Visual Schedule
  • Deep Breathing
  • Tutorial on Making Your Own PinWheel
  • Social Story: Going to the Doctor
  • Tips For Writing A Social Story
  • Tips for Using Reinforcement with Blood Draws
  • Visual Supports (some pictures parents will find helpful to use their child before and during a blood draw as part of their visual schedule or first-then board).
  • Ideas for Good Distractions
  • Muscle Relaxing Training Script for Parents to use with Their Child
  • Visual Supports for Muscle Relaxing

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Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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