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‘My Daily Check in Chart’ FREE printable Based on the ‘Incredible 5-Point Scale’


Download printable here: MyDailyCheckInChartAStrategytoAddressChallengingClassroomBehavior

  • Download includes an example of a child at each stage and a blank chart to personalize it for your own child. This is a FANTASTIC resource for both parents and teachers!

A word about the 5 Point Scale

“The Incredible 5-Point Scale” is a strategy created by Buron and Curtis which has been proven effective with students on the autism spectrum and others who demonstrate challenging behavior. It is a means to assist students to chart their own escalation cycle in order to help them become better able to self-monitor their behavior.

An example chart for implementing this strategy is included here. “My Behavior Chart” can be completed by the teacher with the student providing input. This scale, using either colors ranging from green (low levels of escalation) to red (high levels of escalation) or numbers from 1 to 5, allows the student to recognize how his or her behavior changes depending upon his or her degree of escalation. The completed chart can become a useful tool to refer to when addressing a student’s behavior.

A blank chart is included for implementing this strategy with students. Beyond just describing behavioral escalation, this strategy is versatile and can be used to address a wide variety of behaviors, including voice volume, group participation, and anxiety to name just a few.

Upon completing “My Behavior Chart” with a particular student, the” My Daily Check-In Chart” strategy can implemented and tied to a classroom or individual reinforcement system. At various points throughout the school day the student is simply asked to circle the number on the color chart which best represents his or her behavior during the specific time period. A separate scale allows the teacher to rate the student as well, providing him or her feedback about their performance. It can be helpful to reinforce a student when his or her rating matches that of the teacher. This procedure does not have to take more than a minute or so and can help encourage the student to more accurately assess and regulate his or her own school behavior.

Here is Another Feelings Check in Chart – Feelings Thermometer with Coping Skills

Download here: feelings_thermometer


Behavior Self Regulation (Visual ~ Mountain)


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2 thoughts on “‘My Daily Check in Chart’ FREE printable Based on the ‘Incredible 5-Point Scale’

  1. I want to thank your first for such an amazing resources I love your page.. My students love the scale. I also am using the anger thermometer. too. I was wondering if you could send me an editable copy that is in a PDF format. I would like to make the colors match both resources and also put in some words that my student uses. Is that possible?
    Again. thank you so much for all your insight and guidance.
    Raechelle Salas


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