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Anger Alternatives Game, Social Skills Activity E-Book, Self Control Contract (free printable)

“Don’t Get Mad!” – The Anger Alternatives Game 

Download this game FREE here: Dont_Get_Mad

  • All you need other than the FREE printable are some players and a penny.
  • You toss a penny and depending on where the penny lands you need to respond to numbered scenarios.
  • Each response is worth 1 point. A child can choose to skip a response and get 0 points on that turn. 5 points wins the game!

101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills: A Ready to Use, Reproducible Activity book  

– written by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D.

Download this Activity Book FREE here: 101_Ways_Teach_Children_Social_Skills

  • A Worksheet is included with each activity in this book Here is a list of Topics and their accompanying activities that are included in this E-Book:
  • Communicating: Something Special About me; My Special Interests; My Values; Introducing Yourself; Remembering Names; Getting to Know One Person; Getting to Know Each other; Giving A Compliment; We Have Something in Common; Giving A Compliment; Accepting a Compliment
  • Non Verbal Communication: Tone of Voice; Voice Volume; Making Eye Contact; Facial Expressions; Gestures; Personal Space; Use of Touch; Posture; Interpreting Body Language; Identifying Emotions; How You Look
  • Being a Part of a Group: Joining a Group; Meeting New People; Asking Questions; Sharing; Cooperating; Following Rules; Making Decisions together; Being a good Sport; Fostering Group Identity; Accepting Differences; My Role Model; True Friends; Understanding Cliques
  • Expressing Your Feelings: IdentifyingFeelings; Talking about your Feelings; I-Messages; Empathy; Self-Talk; Mixed Emotions; Self Control; Dealing with Anger Toward Others; Dealing with Another Person’s Anger; Handling Change
  • Caring About Yourself and Others: Seeking Help from Adults; Understanding the Impact of Your Behavior on Others; Caring About Others; Showing Interest in Others; Prosocial Behavior; Kindness; Kindness Cards; Giving Advice; Responding to Positive Advice; Being a Friend; Borrowing; Respecting Others; Offering Help to Others; Depending on Others
  • Problem Solving: Identifying Problem-Causing Behaviors; Refocusing Your Attitude; Brainstorming; Finding Alternative Solutions; Deciding on the Best Solution; Learning from Mistakes; Thinking before Acting; Making Wise Choices; Accepting Consequences; Group Problem Solving
  • Listening – A two Way Street: Hearing or Listening?; Listening During a Conversation; Listening for Information; Following Instructions; Reflective Listening; Active Listening; Positive Feedback
  • Standing Up for Yourself: Feeling Good about Yourself; Creating Positive Attitude; Sticking Up for Yourself; Pat Yourself on the Back; Sticking Up for Yourself; Being Bullied; Avoiding Fights; Dealing with Teasing; Identifying stress; Group Pressure; Learning to Say NO; Releasing Anger Safely; Rights and Responsibilities; Being Assertive
  • Managing Conflict: What is Conflict; My Personal Conflicts; It Takes Two; Apologizing; Knowing When to Resolve Conflicts; Resolving Conflicts Calmly; Compromising; Win-Win Solutions; Negotiating; Peer Mediation; Fair Fighting; Positive and Negative Outcomes

Behavior Self Control Contract

Download this worksheet FREE here: behavior-self-control-contract

Some children need extra work on certain behavior problems that cause them to lose some of their self-control. This helps kids take a time out from trying situations, use inside voices, think about choices before responding to parents, siblings and teachers, and how to think about feelings and emotions.

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