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‘Get to Know You’ Games and ‘All About Me’ FREE printable Activities for Kids

3 printable Back to School Board Games. These games are designed as ‘getting to know you’ games.
Download here: BacktoSchoolActivities
Activity that encourages kids to share information about themselves. 

3 Get To Know Your Child Better Board Games:

  • My Favorites – A game that encourages kids to tell each other their favorites for a variety of topics.
  • Getting to Know You – A game where kids read the key to see what they will tell about themselves.
  • Tell Me About – A game where kids share favorites, things they like and things they can do.This collection gives you a selection of back to school activities that will assist students to get to know each other OR for parents games that will encourage Family Bonding – Get to know your kids!!!


Download this Who Am I worksheet here: Who I Am Intro


 Create a Toss n’ Talk Ball – a ball that has fun questions or tasks the kids have to complete written all over it. The ball is then passed around and when they catch it they must answer or act out what is written below their right thumb. This can be done for adults or kids. Great for family bonding, parties, gatherings, groups etc.


15 get-to-know-you games all are great ice breaker games. Just the right balance of fun and dorky without being too embarrassing. They are meant for teenagers and older, more or less, although I’m sure you could adapt many of them for younger ages. The PDF printable below includes seven pages: the compilation page you see above, two What’s Your Superpower handouts, male and female, the What’s App!??! game printable, the What’s in Your Purse? game printable, the Switch Sides If… game printable, and the printable frame for the Self Portrait game.

Download here: Complete-Set-of-Get-to-Know-You-Games

1b98e0b8ff9365568724c841f44d8c80UNO Get To Know You FREE Printable: Put a new twist on a classic game with these boards that will engage your kids in conversation as they play! Boards are to be used with standard UNO card deck. Each color corresponds with different “getting to know you tasks.”
Red: Name your favorite…
Yellow: Ask the person to your left about their favorite…
Blue: Would you rather?
Green: Tell us about a time that you…

As kids place their card down, they complete the task that corresponds to the color/number combination. Each # has 2 tasks based on the # of cards in the deck.  Download here: GettingtoKnowYouAdaptedUno

131cfe916e875f937700279c066a6b49Jenga Get to Know You FREE Printable: Download FREE printable questions and then print them out. Then cut out the strips and use double sided tape to attach the strips of questions to the wooden Jenga blocks. Set up the game as usual with the statement strips facing down. Play the game following the normal Jenga rules, except that when a student successfully pulls out a block, he or she must read the statement on the block and then finish it. 54 Questions included.

Download here: GettoKnowYouJenga

FREE printable Super Hero “All About Me” Worksheet for kids to fill out! Download here: AllAboutMe c59b2896455e66608e5c3a600669ea8d

20 FREE printable “Would You Rather…” Questions to ask kids – promote critical thinking, helps kids have more flexible thinking by considering more than one option. Ask kids why they choose their answer. Great list to have for family dinner conversations!

Download here: WouldYouRatherQuestions 0c55cd1454237805b4971a4d644489e9

The many Pieces of Me – Have kids fill out the puzzle pieces with facts about themselves. Download here: FREEBIEManyPiecesofMe


Play M&M Game to Get to Know Your Kids – depending on the color of the M&M they need to share something that makes them happy, sad, angry, one thing they should have done differently etc. Two versions of the M&M game, the first one focuses on feelings and the second focuses on feeling Angry and calming down. Here is a 2 page print out for you to download FREE: MMgames

mandmangergame mandmfeelingsgame

All About my FREE printable Poster. Download here: AllAboutMePostergettingacquaintedforbacktoschool original-294853-1


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