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Galaxy Play Dough for Kids

IMG_5854 IMG_5844 IMG_5823  IMG_5820

IMG_5798       Supplies:

          2 cups of plain flour
          2 cups of boiling water with black and blue food coloring
          1 Tbsp. of cooking oil
          1 Tbsp. cream of tartar
          1 cup of salt
          Glitter, jewelry beads, stars etc. (optional)
 Mix liquid ingredients in a large pan. (Get cheap food coloring at Dollar Store or Big Lots) Begin to heat liquids.
In a separate bowl mix dry ingredients.  Mix it all together! Stir until the dough gathers and thickens.  Let it cool slightly and then knead to bring proper consistency.  Store in plastic container.


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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