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5 Behavior Think Sheets for Kids (free printable)

Here are some of the best behavior think sheets from around the web.  These are great behavior management tools that will help you set up a behavior plan when other methods haven’t worked – at home or in the classroom!


  Download here: behavior_think_sheet


Download Here: BehaviorReflections

This think sheet is perfect for helping kids learn about the cause and effects of their behavior.  This worksheet is based on the concept of “Thinking Maps” presented as a Multi-flow Map for exploring causes and effects. It can be used as a tool to improve student behavior. Most kids who are engaging in distracting behaviors have never thought about why they are behaving in a certain way or how their actions might affect others. With this Behavior Reflections graphic organizer worksheet kids can reflect on their behavior and make better choices.

Here’s how You can introduce this graphic organizer:

  1. Start by writing a short description of the undesirable behavior in the middle of the form. For example, “Repeatedly blurting out answers.”
  2. Then try to figure out the causes, or why someone might engage in that behavior. List these items on the left. Answers might include, “I wanted the teacher to know that I knew the answer,” “It’s a bad habit,” or “I got excited and wanted to tell my answer.” Sometimes this step takes a bit of coaching because most kids have never really tried to figure out why they do the things they do.
  3. In the three boxes on the right side, write the effects, or consequences of their behavior, including how their behavior affected others. They may never have realized that when they blurt out answers, they are depriving other kids of the opportunity to think through a problem and answer on their own.
  4. Finally, write out a short plan for improvement. (if you are a teacher you could ask the student to take this worksheet home for their parent to sign).

After introducing the Behavior Reflections form have kids complete it when they engage in a distracting, annoying, or disrespectful behavior. This is not intended to be used for violent incidents or for serious infractions. It is Simply a tool to get kids to understand why they are behaving in a certain way and how their behaviors affect others.

This think sheet from allows kids to consider character traits that they should develop for better behavior:


     Download here: behava

Under question number one you can edit the box and put your own  classroom or school or home rules in there.  You can also just have your kids write the rule in.


Download here: stop_and_think


Download here: VisualThinkSheet

Making Choices Free printable Social Story Worksheet with fill in the blanks for kids: making-choices-worksheet

Making Red and Green Choices at School Social Story for kids: making-choices-using-red-and-green


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