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Relaxing Road Trip Activities for Kids


DIY Lego Travel Box:

IMG_0746-1024x682 15-Ideas-for-a-Lego-Movie-Party-Travel-Casephoto(2)

These Lego box ideas are Great! You can easily make it yourself and your child will have something to play with en route and at your destination.

Traditional Road Trip Games to Play

Tunnel: When you enter a tunnel, everyone (except for the driver) holds their breath. Whoever can hold their breath the longest is the winner!
The Banana Game:  Every time a player notices a yellow vehicle, he yells “Banana!” and receives a point. The player who has the most points at the end wins. For the older kids, play Find the Car, where you substitute yellow cars with a specific car model.
Count The… : Pick anything that you want your kids to count (speed limit signs, red cars, trucks…) and begin.
Backseat BINGO!: Download and print this free colorful road trip BINGO here: travel bingo-kids print-01
Two Truths & a Fib: Each player takes turns saying two true statements and one statement that is either a lie or not completely accurate. Everyone else tries to guess which two statements are true and which one isn’t. Those who guess right, win!
Where’s the Alphabet: Observe the objects on the road and state each object that you see in alphabetical order. If you see a person selling apricots on the side of the road, say “apricot.” The next player might say bee, billboard, or another object they see starting with B. Continue playing until you go through the whole alphabet.

I’m going on a Picnic/ My Father Owns a Grocery Store… : Repeat after me, “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing….” The next word that follows should start with the letter A. The next player repeats what the last player said but adds another item starting with a B. Follow this pattern from A to Z, or until there’s only one player left who can remember everything in that overstuffed picnic basket. The grocery game works the exact same way, but instead you start by saying, “My father owns a grocery, and in it he sells (something that starts with the letter A).” For young kids, it might help to offer clues to jog their memory in case they forget.

Pictionary: Each player takes turns drawing something on a piece of paper while the other players try to guess the mystery drawing.

Hangman: One player thinks of a word (a person, place, movie, book…) and then draws a space for each letter in the word. The other players guess one letter at a time. Print a Hangman sheet here to include in your child’s travel binder – hangman

Fortunately/Unfortunately: Players alternate between saying statements that begin with “Fortunately” or “Unfortunately.” For example, one player might say, “Unfortunately, the Cookie Monster got in the kitchen,” and then the next will respond with “Fortunately, I ate the last cookie seconds before he arrived.” The next player would then continue the story with another Unfortunate statement, followed by a Fortunate statement, and so on until the story is complete, or it’s time to move on to the next game.

Connect the Dots Game – the purpose of the game is to create as many “boxes” as possible. 2 player game. Download & print the worksheet here – connect-the-dots


Perplexus: This toy is the Rubik’s Cube of the 21st Century. The object is to direct a small silver ball through a maze within a 3-D sphere by twisting and turning the larger ball around and keeping the smaller ball on the track within. This keeps my kids busy for hours and there are different versions of Perplexus, so once they have mastered the first level, they can try one of the other ones.You can purchase it on Amazon Prime for $16.99 – click here.

Word Search with the theme “Popular Cars” Print here: wordsearch-popular-cars

Here is an Orlando theme word search – orlando-wordsearch

Color by the Number FREE printable coloring Sheets – Keep kids occupied with these coloring sheets! From easy to difficult. Have the colors needed ready for each coloring sheet (pencils or crayons – no markers in the car!). Download & print here: car or ship.

A color by number printable for kids.
A color by number printable for kids.


TIP: Purchase a Lap Desk (aka Bed Tray) for the car ride – it will make coloring, eating, playing etc. a lot more enjoyable for the kids. Purchase them on Amazon Prime for $20 or from Hobby Lobby for $7.99 (plus $10 shipping). Click Here to Purchase on Amazon Prime. 

5152ap97tCL._SL1250_ They come in Lots of different Colors

Drawing Tutorials:

Create travel binders with lots of activities to keep them busy! Stick these animal drawing tutorials with blank paper in the travel binders.  Having these step by step tutorials will make their pictures come alive. Download them here: Learn to Draw


The Licence Plate Game:

Here is a FREE printable to include in your travel binder.  Laminate them so that your kids can use dry-erase markers to cross off the plates.  This means it can be played both on the way to your destination and on your way home. Download free Licence Plate Game printable here: License-Plate-Gamerelaxing3

You will not be able to believe how many different states you may see! You will score with the big semi trucks – They are from everywhere! Print one copy and make it a team effort or have a copy for each member (except for the driver!)

Questionnaire for the Parents

Parents should get to have some fun too! You may not get through all of these questions and that is okay! These questions will allow you and your spouse to get to know each other again🙂 See if anything has changed or maybe learn something you didn’t know about them! Download FREE questionnaire here: Final-QuestionnaireTara-Road-Trip-Date-6-600x400

Funny Faces:

Super Fun templates.  Use them with play dough or have your kids use their dry erase markers. Print the boy and the girl, laminate them back to back and added them to your travel binder.

All you need to do is to:

  1. Download and print out the playdough mats and instructions. *Just print the pages you want!*
  2. Laminate the mats.
  3. Bind them together using book rings.
  4. Purchase playdough, or simply make some.

Download Play dough Mats Booklet:Playdough_Mats_Booklet                                                                                       (20 pages – boy/girl face, crocodile, numbers, chicken, carrots, giraffe, dog)



tumblr_ndxd9cbQyq1s3e1yro1_r2_500Play-Dough Feelings Face Activity:

This is a simple feeling identification/affect regulation activity (good for TF-CBT) Print out or draw a blank face (Download another version of free printable faces here: sb1312).  Direct the child to create facial expressions on the activity sheet.  I usually start out general (ex. Show me a happy face) and then ask for them to make up a related story/scenario. As you go on it can become more personalized (ex. Show me how you look when you are sad?).  I also use this to open the child up for conversation about their feelings (ex. Can you tell me about a time when you felt this way?) or as a way to ask about specific situations (ex. Can you show me how you felt when your dad yelled at you).


Download this “Draw the Speaker Face” here: ACFrOgC-xFcjV3xl03SNiyawrXsCpBf8Bdlc5_Zzc63UdEYE_Cb6YrvGm2mrjQoje7G4ZSxaMQHkkeXql_Sbabn5KsHYuGm_cii1R8Sf0yLfyovshBREREWSGNERCBg=


Download PDF Faces Here (Boy, Girl, No hairline) 0116


 Blank Lego Person & Figure

Oh the possibilities…



Include some Origami paper in your travel binder along with a few simple origami tutorials!



Instructions: (from Mash Magazine)

  1. Your friend writes M A S H at the top of the page. This, of course, stands for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House.
  2. Then she asks you the names of four boys you would like to marry, four careers you’d like to have, four cities in which you would like to live, and four cars you’d like to drive.
  3. Then, while you look away, she begins to draw a spiral when you give the go ahead.
  4. You say stop when the spirit moves you. She will then start at the top of the spiral and count down the number of lines that have been drawn.
  5. Using that number, she will start counting at the M in MASH and go all through your choices.
  6. Each time she comes to that number (6, in the case of our example), she crosses out the choice she has landed on.
  7. When there is only one choice left in each section, those are your prophetic answers.


Divide a list of jokes into two lists (or more if you have more kids) and print them out for your kids so that they each have their own unique set. Add these to your travel binder because we all know, kids love to tell jokes. Download and print this list of jokes: Silly Puns (word document so you can add to it, edit the list etc.)

Unique Coloring Pages:

I thought these were beautiful, unique and detailed enough that they would keep the kids occupied for a little while.  Print a few for each of the kids and add to your travel binder. Download these coloring sheets here halloween-frankenstein-color-by-letter, (this one is connect the dots to reveal the picture) 62010-26200491004 and here are some others (click on them, download and print).

Click Here for another post I have with several other Fun coloring pages for ALL ages.


Cootie Catchers:

Kids always love these because they can let their imaginations run wild with ideas to fill them with. Below is a great template to get your kids started! It shows all the fold lines and has instructions. Here are some downloads for some therapeutic cootie catchers (templates pre-filled): Social-Skills-Paper-Fortune-Teller-Download1 (6 Social Skills templates:  Teasing Choices, Compliments, Calm/Pleased/Interested/Hopeful, Mad/Sad/Worried/Upset, What do you think…, Do you like…) CBT-Paper-Fortune-Tellers-for-Anxiety-Other-Issues (3 Social Anxiety & All of Nothing Thinking Templates) Below is a You Tube Video showing how to fold them!

relaxing10 CootieCatcher

Track your progress:


    Have your kids create a visual timeline for the trip. Color a car and with an exacto knife cut two slits in the drawn car. Then thread a long piece of packaging ribbon through the drawn car and draw a black line to represent every hour of your trip (or locations along the way). Every time an hour passes by (or you reach a location/city etc along the way) have your kids move the car to the next black line. This will make it easy for kids to see the progress and hopefully cut down on the inevitable question:
      “Are we there yet????”

    Various Original Sources Used for This post:

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