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Activities That Promote Learning and Attachment

Conservation Jarjar-clip-art2

What To Do: Invite your child to participate in a conservation project that will benefit your home and the environment. Designate an empty jar to be the “Conservation Jar.” Give your child examples of environmental infractions to look for, such as a light being left on unnecessarily, a faucet being left to drip, or something being thrown in the garbage that should have been put in the recycling bin. Your child is to ask that a dime be placed in the jar each time your child catches an adult making one of these mistakes, and then see how much money your child collects over a week’s time. Be sure to limit this project to a week, after which time the whole family will be sensitive to conservation!

Distance and Direction

which_direction_do_go_3d_gold_figure_hd-wallpaper-179709Materials You Will Need:
labels to show north, south, east, west, written directions to find each object, objects to hide
What To Do:
Hide several objects in your living or family room, then create a map or directions to help your child find each object. Your directions can tell your child exactly how many steps to take to the north, then how many to take to the east, etc. You can write the directions so your child can do this independently or you can recite the directions as your child moves.

Fruit Kebabs

Materials You Will Need:
toothpicks or wooden skewers, variety of fruits     What To Do:                       Let your child choose                            several new fruits at the grocery store, (or stick with old favorites). Invite your child to help you wash, peel, and cut the fruits into bite sized chunks or slices. Show your child how to skewer the fruit onto the toothpicks in a variety of patterns. Share your healthy snack with friends or family members.

Groupingsimages images-2 sneakers_lineart

What To Do:While driving, see how many items your child can list that can be preceded with the words, “A pair of ________”. Your child might say scissors, glasses, shoes, etc. Continue to play using the words, “A gallon of __________”, “A dozen _____________”, “A bowl of _________”, “A pitcher of __________ ,” etc.

Veterinarian Office

6_1165XPvet1_cMaterials You Will Need:
leashes, boxes, store bought doctor kit, stuffed animals What To Do: On a rainy day, have your child gather stuffed animals and create a veterinarian’s office. Your child can design the carriers or leashes for the animals as well as the waiting room. You or your child can come up with the reason that each animal needs to be examined, but let your child come up with a diagnosis and remedy.


how-to-make-a-paper-snowflake-4-e1356363562444What To Do:

As your child becomes more secure and competent using scissors, try cutting snowflakes out of paper. Fold a square piece of thin typing paper into quarters and cut out shapes on the folds. Unfold the paper to reveal the unique snowflake designs.

Seed Hunt

common-seeds 92015-004-AC782CA2What To Do:Take a nature hike and look for all types of seeds. You may want to be on the lookout for acorns, pinecones, balls from a Sweet Gum tree, Maple seeds, dandelion puffs, or burrs. Make a collection of seeds, then have a discussion about the way the seeds travel, (by being carried by the wind, by simply falling from a tree, by being eaten by an animal, by getting stuck to an animals’ fur, etc.), and compare the seeds by their visual characteristics.

Right and Left

What To Do: Give your child more practice with ‘right’ and ‘left’ by teaching the the “Hokey Pokey”. If your child isn’t able to distinguish right from left yet, use the washable markers to draw a rabbit, (or something else that begins with ‘r’), and the letter ‘R’ on the right hand, and a lemon, (or something else that begins with ‘l’), and the letter ‘L’ on the left hand. Your child can use the pictures on his/her hands to help decide which side of the body to use to follow the actions in the song.

 See more Activities on this Website: (activities are sorted by age – up to age 5 years but activities can be adapted for older kids)

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