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Activities for Kids – Free, download, print and laminate


1. Emotion Card Activity

Download, print & Laminate: Emotion-Card-Activity-PDF4


2. Rigid vs Flexible Thinking Activity

Download, Print & Laminate: Flexibility-Cards-and-panels

3. Showing Empathy


Download, print & laminate: Showing-Concern-Picture-Cards Showing-Concern-Wall-Display-Download

4. Tattling and Correcting


Download, print & laminate: Tattling-cards-panels

5. Fix The Problem Game


Directions & Play Money download: Fix-The-Problem-Game-Directions-Play-Money

40 Face Cards: Fix-The-Problem-40-Face-Cards-to-Print-Cut-Out

Narratives: Fix-The-Problem-Narratives-to-Read-Aloud1

6. The Green Zone Picture Card Activity


Picture Card Activity: Green-Zone-Picture-Card-Activity-Download

Conversation Starter Worksheet: Green-Zone-Common-Ground-Conversation-Starter-Worksheets-Download1

Visual Introduction: Green-Zone-Common-Ground-Conversation-Starter-Visual-Introduction

7. Conversation Box


Download Conversation Box Activity here: Conversation-Box-directions

8. Fortune Tellers or Cootie Catchers


Social Skills: Social-Skills-Paper-Fortune-Teller-Download1

Exploring Upsetting Emotions: CBT-Paper-Fortune-Tellers-for-Anxiety-Other-Issues-2

Christmas Social Skills: Christmas-Social-Skills-Paper-Fortune-Teller-Download-2

Social Skills Cards

Download – Great material for strategies and discussions!

Tattling-photo-me-holding-cards1 Tattling-blog-display1

Download PDF here: Tattling-cards-panels

Original Sources:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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