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Advice for Parents When Kids LIE


1. Talk with them about honestyimages

Not a long lecture, but a simple talk. Read them stories about truthfulness and help them understand how important it is to be honest at all cost. Above all, don’t show frustration. Let them know that they are loved and you are confident they can work to regain your trust.

2. Listenlisten-clipart-listening

Ask them what they think about lying and if they have ideas that will help them stop. Listen to their heart, it is your key to understanding their struggle. Those clues you get from listening can help you figure out why they feel compelled to lie in the first place. Sometimes it’s just become a habit, but sometimes it’s a deeper issue.

3. Praypraying_hands_clipart_girl_2

Ask God to show you ways to help your child stop lying. Also, let them know that you pray for them and make sure they see you praying. When you see them struggling, take their hand and pray together.

4. Pay close attention 86490566

Keep them close and spend extra time with your struggling child. They need you to help them through and hold them accountable. Don’t let them be off on their own all afternoon without any accountability for what they are doing. Try to find ways to stay close either by working together or by having some down time (games, reading aloud, watching a DVD together, etc.).

5. Discipline1208044-Cartoon-Of-A-Red-Haired-Caucasian-Mother-Lecturing-Her-Son-Royalty-Free-Vector-Clipart

Whatever method of discipline you choose, the key is to be consistent. It’s important that they get caught anytime they are lying. If you suspect a lie, don’t spend too much time pressing for the truth. Trust your instincts and deal with the issue directly.

Occasionally it will happen that you discipline for lying when they were telling the truth. Remind your kids that when that happens, they should remember that there were times they lied and didn’t get caught. This is a good opportunity for them to reflect on the real consequences of lying which is that after a few lies, people won’t believe you even if you’re being honest. Then assure them that they can work toward being believed again by telling the truth and earning our trust.

And remember Mom and Dad, this is not a quick fix. It takes time to break a habit and regain trust. Keep working together, be patient and above all let your child know they are loved no matter what!



Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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