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Feeling and Coping Skills Parking Lot Activity

Feelings Parking Lot1Materials:
Poster board, or paper
Toy cars

How To Play:

  1. Create ‘parking spots’ large enough for toy cars to fit in by drawing them on the board
  2. Have the child identify various difficult emotions they experience and write them in parking spaces on one side of the ‘parking lot’ (draw feeling faces along with the written emotion)
  3. Write various coping strategies you would like to teach the child or review with the child in the other parking spaces on the opposite side
  4. Give the child a scenario and have them identify an emotion. For example, “How would you feel if someone broke your favorite toy?”
  5. Ask the child to “park” their car in the feeling they would experience
  6. You can use this time to discuss this feeling, have them make a face to show the feeling, etc
  7. Next have the child take that same car, or another car and ask them to choose a coping skill they would use to manage that feeling, or one they would like to learn, and park their car there
  8. Practice that coping strategy

Feelings Parking Lot2

A creative way to practice identifying emotions and coping skills! 


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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