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Divorce Trivia Game and 18 Friendship Cards (free)

Social Emotional Game: Divorce Trivia


Download: Divorce

Download: Instructions


This game is designed to help students learn about divorce, while expressing their thoughts and feelings about their own family situation. The interactive trivia game (in Microsoft Powerpoint) contains 24 EDITABLE questions of the following varieties to keep even your most active students engaged and learning:

– Draw!
– Act It!
– Think!
– Talk it Out!
– True or False?

When clicked, the question number changes color so you know which questions remain. To reset, simply close the activity and reopen!

18 Friendship Cards



These are 18 fall friendship cards which help students to identify good versus bad friendship choices. Just print, cut out the cards, and laminate them so they can be used more than one time. A few ways that the cards can be used in the classroom include: to help facilitate a whole class discussion, to provide situations for small group role plays,and to give ideas for writing prompts. Students can answer questions about the situations. Questions focus on understanding feelings and making appropriate choices.

Positive friendships are such a vital part of students’ lives. Students need to learn and understand how to make good friendship choices to ensure positive relationships with other children in school. Understanding how an individual’s behavior affects others and having empathy for others is crucial. I hope you and your students enjoy using the cards and learning about friendships.

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