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Conflict Resolution Chart and Sculpture Activity for Kids

Paper Sculpture & Conflict Resolution Chart

Conflict Resolution
Conflict is when two or more people are not getting along.  Conflict resolution skills are important to a child’s happiness, and learning to resolve differences with others is an essential life skill.  When children develop these skills their environment will be more peaceful.
Paper Sculpture 
Working together in harmony can be difficult when different personalities work together, but it can be done when everyone cooperates.  Build a small sculpture of different shapes until the pieces work all together.  This can take patience trying to connect the variety of shapes, just as it takes patience working together with others.
Sculpture Art

Cut free form shapes of different sizes from card stock or scrapbook paper.  Cut 1-inch deep slits on the shapes where you want shapes to connect and interlock them together, building a small sculpture.

Conflict Resolution Rules
When resolving conflict it is important that the parties involved show respect to each other. Read over the guide lines before resolving conflict, and the outcome can be resolved in a respectful manner through compromise.
Conflict Resolution Rules


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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