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Story Stones for Facilitating Story Telling, Communication and Play


“ How can a child tell you in everyday language how he feels – when his natural language for feeling is one of story, play and imagination? Without communication through story, play or imagination, some children have little hope of being able to say what they really feel. Troubled children can be helped immeasurably if someone can hear them speak through story. It can be an immense relief for a child to find images and metaphors to express his thoughts and feeling which have previously been nameless and yet craved understanding. Story is a communication technique – an extremely potent one.” (Margot Sunderland (2000) ‘Using Story Telling as a Therapeutic Tool with Children)

Story Stones are a wonderful aid for facilitating story telling, communication and play. Story Stones can be used in a variety of ways, in a variety of settings but educators, play therapists, parents, carers and leaders of nurture groups may find them a particularly useful tool in their contact with children. Story Stones are a wonderful way to encourage dynamic play with children and offer a great outlet for the expression of feelings. 


Make Believe Story Stones Bag: Include a range of exciting characters to ignite children’s imagination. Dragon, Key, Castle, Wand, Alien, Space Ship, Ghost, Treasure Chest, Wizard, Fairy, Wings, Unicorn, Witch, Pirate, Super Hero etc.
Work Life Story Stone Bag: Include a range of professions- policeman, doctor, astronaut, fireman, sailor, soldier, explorer, gardener and scientist, nurse, teacher, counselor, inventor, sailor, solider, captain, gardener – also include props for each profession such as firetruck, police car, fire, ambulance, ship, robber, helicopter, flower, rocket ship, etc.
Home Life Story Stone Bag: Include a range of character and home related images including cat, dog, house, car, school, school book, mom, dad, sibling, baby, grandparents etc. This grouping makes an excellent resource for exploring a child’s world.
I Feel Story Stone Bag:  Include Characters showing a range of emotions including happiness, sadness, anger, worry and surprise. Great for exploring emotions/feelings. Compliments the Home Life story stone bag.


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