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How to Make Easy Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are often associated with festivals, and they are very common in both China and Japan. — Chinese New Year!


Materials: two sheets of colored paper, scissors, pencil, and stapler.

1. Begin by cutting two strips down the long side of one of the sheets, and set them aside.

2. Next, fold the second sheet of paper in half to form a long and skinny rectangle, as shown.

paperlanterns3 paperlanterns4.jpg

3. Draw pencil marks as a guide as shown, and invite the kiddos over to cut along the lines with scissors. Be sure not to cut all the way to the edge of the paper, leave about an inch at the end.

4.  Open it up, and roll it to connect both of the ends. Staple into place as shown.

paperlanterns5 paperlanterns6

5. Roll up the first sheet of paper and insert it into the lantern. Staple it into place. Use the strips of paper you first cut off to decorate your lanterns, if desired.

Hang your paper lanterns from the ceiling, or place them on the table for a colorful and festive center piece!



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