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Story Retelling Activity using Sensory Bin: Jack and the Beanstalk



  •  15 quart plastic bin.
  • Pinto beans, Green Glass Beads,
  • Lima Beans Painted Gold (to Represent the Magic Beans)
  • Alphabet leaves (write letters on silk leaves from silk flowers… get at the dollar store!)
  • Some Green Scoops.


BeanStalk Idea: Cut a hole in the lid of a container and insert a cardboard tube. Cover the canister with green felt  and the cardboard tube with green construction paper.

The main characters made from clothespins:


How to make the Dolls: 



embroidery thread

hot glue



Wrap the thread around the clothespin in the outfits you desire.

For the boys cut tiny pieces of embroidery thread. It made fuzz. I covered the heads in hot glue and then rolled it in the fuzz.

Clothespin-Wrap-Dolls-8 Clothespin-Wrap-Dolls-9

Fun Activities:

1. Have kids name the letters and put them in alphabetical order to help Jack climb the beanstalk.

2. Retell the story using different endings! The Giant kept watch over the castle, have fun going back and forth between retelling versions where he was a nice giant and an angry giant.


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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