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Help Children Understand Self Esteem and How to Build it

Don’t Feed the Monster on Tuesdays!: The Children’s Self-Esteem Book by Adolph Moser $13 


I am important to me. I want to feel good about myself, to like myself & to enjoy being me. I need to know that other people like me & love me & care about me. I am pleased when I do things well. I like for people to tell me when I’ve done something right. I know some people can do things better than I can. But most of the time I try to do my very best. When I make improvements I am pleased. I care about other people too and I try to help them when they are in trouble. I am not a United States Senator, or a super star, or a major league baseball player. But I am an important person. And I have a strong sense of self-esteem.

Great book for kids to teach them what self esteem is and how to build it!

Self Esteem Monster:

“somewhere inside our brains there is an area that makes us think negative thoughts… It’s as if we have a little green monster inside our heads who is determined to make us feel bad about ourselves. That little monster is really a sly one. He beings his attacks by whispering awful things to us: ‘You’re not very good looking; You’re not as smart as other kids; You can’t run very fast.’ If we listen to his whispers, the monster’s voice becomes louder and LOUDER!”

Great book to spring board teaching of POSITIVE SEFL-TALK, Positive affirmations, THOUGHTS – changing our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. AND teaching kids that they are in control of their thoughts with the Zen Train Method of teaching – our mind is a train station – trains are constantly coming into our train station and trains are constantly leaving our train station. Some trains (“thoughts”) like to linger for a while – but eventually all trains leave the train station (“our mind”) because new trains are waiting to come in – no train ever stays forever and WE are in control of the train station- so WE can send trains out and allow certain trains in and to stay a while…

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Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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