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Story Processing or Telling Stories with Stones




Ideas for what to Include in Your Story Stones:

People, animals, trees, clothing, household objects, toys, food, transportation, places (e.g. park), weather (e.g. rain), elements (e.g. water) and a sun for day and stars on a black stone for night. You can also include Fairy Tale Story elements (wands, wings).

DSC_0086storystones3rock faces 2


Ideas for How to Use Your Story Stones:

  • story telling to teach kids how to come up with positive and realistic solutions to their problems. For instance if a character is sad because it starts raining while he is at the park, we will look for realistic solutions like sitting under a tree until it stops and then jumping in puddles.
  • Imaginative Play
  • Instead of a “Story Bag” create a “Story Stone Bag” of stones and pull one out at a time and make up a story using the images as prompts until the story reaches its natural conclusion.
  • You can use them as story tell aides: Kids choose a stone from a basket, and start a story based on the picture on the stone that they’ve chosen.  Another stone is drawn from the basket, and the story continues, incorporating this next picture into it.  One child can be telling this story, or you can pass the basket around at circle time, so that each child draws a stone, and adds another sentence to the story.
  • Go out to your driveway and with a little chalk, draw up some scenery for your imaginative story!
  • Use in a group setting. Set all the stones either face up or face down and have each person choose a stone on their turn. Encourage them to use Feelings/Emotions.
  • Mix & Match Painted Rock Faces. Find similar size rocks to make a pair of eyes. Assemble the rocks and add hair using leaves, twigs etc.
  • Teachers could use story stones as Prompts for student writing! Pick another stone… add to the story.
  • Click here for FREE download of 4 Story Stone Task Cards (1.Choose one stone that interests you. Write a story using your stone.; 2. Choose 6 stones. Try to write a story using all 6 stones.; 3.Close your eyes & choose a stone. Use that stone to start your story. Close your eyes & Choose another stone. Use it to add to your story.; 4.Roll a dice, choose that number of stones to write your story).
  • Sorting and grouping activities:  Kids love to sort our story stones.   Have kids pile up all of the people stones, and then find the animals, and the food stones.  The holiday stones go into another pile, and so on.  These sorting and organizing activities help with early math skills.



paint pens

Ideas for How to Make Your Story Stones:

I have made infographics with steps to a variety of methods for making story stones. I also have lots of pictures of examples that other’s have made.

  • Paint stones by hand in acrylic paint. You don’t have to be an artist to do your own. Simple shapes and patterns work fine, in fact I think they look better.
  • Coat the stones with an enamel spray to make them a little more durable.
  • Draw on some rocks with a fine point permanent marker – draw characters, props.
  • Use magazine/book cut outs, fabric scraps & Mod Podge
  • Assortment of scrapbook papers and construction papers, colored pencils, Small Paint Brushes
  • You can Purchase an Assortment of large stones at the Dollar Tree
  • Use Sharpie Paint Pens – sharpie brand oil based paint pens. They look beautiful on all surfaces and are way easier to use than using paint and a paintbrush. Plus they dry super quickly.
  • Use stickers! Super easy! add a coat of varnish for protection.
  • To make story stones: put a puddle of mod podge on a stone, and then place the cut-out in the puddle, and use your fingers to smooth out any air bubbles.  With a sponge brush, smooth and dab a little modge-podge over the cut-out, pressing around the edges with your fingers, to get a good seal between the paper and the stone. Let stones dry for a few days before using them.

Inforgraphics for Story Stones with Steps on Different Way to Make them:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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