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Family Game Night: Classification


Family Game: Classification. It’s sort of a homemade version of Scategories.

It is a simple family game using only a paper and a pen!

Creating the Game
  • Fold a piece of paper in half, and create a grid by drawing 5 verticals lines and 5 horizontal lines
  • Leave the top square on the left blank
  • The column on the far left side is for categories. Discuss as a group 5 categories to write in the bottom 5 squares on the left. Some of our favorite categories are: books, games, famous pairs, girls’ names, songs, countries, colors.
  • Once you’ve chosen your categories, chose a 5 letter word, and put 1 letter across the top row (remember to leave the square on the top left blank). For each letter of the word, you will need to come up with an item in each category that starts with that letter. In my example, the word is “SALTY”, and I needed to come up with a color beginning with s, a, l, t, and y.
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes, and try to come up with something to fill in each square!

Family Game Night collage

  • Go around and read your answers out loud.
  • 5 points if you have an original answer
  • 1 point if you have the same answer as someone else
  • 0 points if you leave it blank
  • Work in teams. Pre-writers can pair with adults (or older cousins).


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