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Family Game Night: Pictionary


A Classic icebreaker game in which the goal is to get your teammates to correctly identify something that is drawn within the time limit. Pictionary is a classic game of drawing and guessing.

Materials Needed: Notecards or 2 large paper pads, *You could alternatively use white boards, stop watch, pens, (in advance) several words written on individual cards (these are the cards that will be drawn, and that the teammates will try to guess) – label each card with a category.

  • Person, Place, Animal or other creature that is/was living
  • Action – Something that can be done or performed (ballet, shooting a basketball)
  • Object – Something that can be seen or touched (truck, chocolate chip cookie)
  • Challenge – something difficult (The grand Canyon)
  • All play – a word from any of the above two categories. Both teams draw simultaneously.
How to Play:

Make Groups/Teams of 3+ , Give each team a name. Each group gets paper/pen. Decide which team goes first.

On a team’s turn, they choose someone to draw. The judge (someone not playing, the person who prepares the cards) prepares a one minute timer and gives the player a card. The Judge says “go” and starts the timer. Player begins to draw. The Goal is for the team to correctly guess the word (or basic idea of the word) within the allotted time limit. Of the team correctly guesses the word, they receive a point. Then it’s the next team’s turn.

  • The artist may not make any hand gestures or audible noises.
  • The pictures drawn cannot have any numbers or letters.
  • In the original pictionary game, if the team correctly guesses the word they get to go again.
  • You can use dice to determine which category a team must draw from. 1. Person/Place/Animal 2. Action 3. Object 4. Challenge 5. All play 6. Wild (you choose)
  • Instead of having a judge prepare the clues in advance


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