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Empathy Craft – Toilet Roll Empathy Dolls (free printable Empathy Book)

Quick info graphic I made for this project:

Here are the details:

Establishing a character with empathy is important for children. As Parents we want to help children grow up to have awareness of the needs of others, and are kind and caring in personality.


• A piece of heavy paper stock. Ordinary white paper is a bit too flimsy, Alternative would be to print out the FREE printable on regular paper and then draw the faces yourself on a thicker paper with a sharpie using the FREE printable as a guide for drawing the faces!
• 1 Toilet Paper Roll (regular size)
• Scissors, craft knife and double sided tape
• Paper scraps and sharpie marker to decorate
• A piece of thick recycled cardboard for a base
free printable that you can cut and fold together to make the faces that slide inside your toilet roll. Download Template here: Empathy-Dolls-Printable
Put double sided tape on the tabs of your print out BEFORE you cut it out. Cut along all the lines in the bottom tab after the double sided tape is in place. Cut out the disc and also cut the centre-circle out to make a hole in the middle.
Once your pieces are cut out, roll the faces into a tube, bend the bottom tabs into a right-angle and slide the disc piece (with the hole cut in it) over the top. Cover a slightly oversized base with double sided tape and stick the disc & tube on to it, then trim to size.
Use the small circle marked “face” to trace around at the top of your toilet roll and then cut this circle out with a sharp craft knife or scalpel. Cut the face about 9mm from the top of the roll but make sure to double-check how far it needs to be on the roll you have by holding the piece with the faces next to the toilet roll and making a small mark with a pencil of where to put the face hole.
This is the base for your empathy doll, now just decorate!


Let Your kids use their imagination to tell stories. These stories are a bit different, because the characters have feelings just like in real life.  Here are some ideas to help you get started:
Thinking about the way the dolls are feeling and acting it out might just help them along the way to understanding empathy, which is a very big word for a small child. Before kids can understand the feelings of others they need to be able to understand their own feelings. These empathy dolls are a small step towards helping your child do that.

Get Creative!


Add an umbrella for extra PLAY value. Use two sizes of cardboard tube (like a toilet paper roll and a wrapper paper roll as seen in the photos above). If you can’t find a smaller size tube that fits inside your toilet rolls you can just make some by rolling and taping a thick flat card. Glue Faces to the smaller roll.

Empathy Book for Kids To Fill Out

bullbookpic bullbookpicsad

The pages are placed so that when you make the book You are ____.  is on the left side of the book and I can _____.  is on the right side.

Download this book here: BullyBook1

First page is:  You are sad. Talk about what makes people sad.  Then: I can ______.  What can you do when you see someone who is sad?  ~ I can hold their hand…. I can share my candy… I can give a hug….. I can give them a compliment.

Click Here for my post containing many FREE printable Feeling Charts.

Original Sources:


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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