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These principles are directly quoted from Virginia Axline (1969) Play Therapy. They are the long-standing essentials of non-directive play therapy, however the word “therapist” in each statement has been changed to “parent” to help children grow to be psychologically and emotionally healthy.

  1. The Parent must develop a warm, friendly relationship with the child, in which good rapport is established as soon as possible.
  2. The Parent accepts the child exactly as he is.
  3. The Parent establishes a feeling a permissiveness in the relationship so that the child feels free to express his feelings completely.
  4. The Parent is alert to recognize the feelings the child is expressing and reflects those feelings back to him in such a manner that he gains insight into his behavior.
  5. The Parent maintains a deep respect for the child’s ability to solve his own problems if given an opportunity to do so. The responsibility to make choices and institute change is the child’s.
  6. The Parent does not attempt to direct the child’s actions or conversation in any manner. The child leads the way; the Parent follows.
  7. The Parent does not attempt to hurry the therapy along. It is a gradual process and is recognized as such by the Parent.
  8. The Parent establishes only those limitations that are necessary to anchor the therapy to the world of reality and to make the child aware of his responsibility in the relationship.


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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