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Private Parts, Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch, Appropriate Behavior, Personal Space, Hugging, Kissing, Masturbation – Social Stories (free printable)

1. What Are Private Parts? (simple Version & Explicit Version) - Social Story (Free printable)


This social story explains what private parts are in a simple way. It depicts drawings of male and female anatomy.

Download and print the social story here: what_are_private_parts.224161402


Explicit Version Description:

A social story that explicitly describes and illustrates what parts of the body are private parts

It’s important that children understand what are private parts, both for men and women, boys and girls.

This social story does have drawings that depict private parts, including bottom, penis, testicles, vagina, and breasts, as well as underwear, bra, and panties.

Teach your child the adult words for these parts, and the social rules associated with private parts.  It’s important for their self-protection and awareness.

Download and print the EXPLICIT version social story here: what_are_private_parts.186100701

2. Good Touch/Bad Touch - Social Story (free printable)


Download and print the social story here: private_parts_and_touching.224155032

This social story explains what touches are okay and which are not, and how to report bad touches. Be sure your child understands what private parts are first.

3. Who Can See Me Naked - Social Story (free printable)


This social story helps to explain to your child who it is okay and not okay to be naked around.

Download and print the social story here: naked_and_private_parts.18692153

4. What is Personal Space - Social Story (free printable)


Download and print the social story here: personal_space.222180413

A social story that explains the concept of personal space.

If you have a child who tends to get too close to people, this story will explain the concept of personal space, the consequences of getting too close, and the rewards associated with maintaining appropriate social distance.  

Be sure to practice this with your child in a fun way, during neutral times, and look for teachable moments for emphasis.

5. All About Hugs - social story (free printable)


Download and print the social story here: all_about_hugs.18692725

A social story about when it is appropriate to hug.

Some children are very “touchy-feely.”  This behavior can understandably make some people uncomfortable, including fellow students.  

Teach your child when it is appropriate to hug, where one may hug, and how to ask for hugs.  

6. Who Can I Kiss - Social Story (free printable)


Download and print the social story here: no_kissing_at_school.18695048

A social story about appropriate behavior in a variety of settings, specifically about kissing.

Sometimes children with autism don’t know how to express themselves around their peers, and, being used to being kissed at home, don’t understand why it’s not okay at school.

If your child is kissing other students at school, this social story explains why that is not appropriate, and provides ideas for positive replacement behaviors that are more acceptable among peers.

7. Sex Talk In Public - Social Story (free printable)


Download and print the social story here: sex_talk_in_public.18691528

A social story about the importance of appropriate conversational topics in public

As children get older, they may become curious about sex and body changes.

Use this social story to explain when it is okay to ask questions about a sensitive topic.

8. Masturbation (male) - Social Story (free printable)

Download and print the social story here: masturbation_social_story.184124213

This social story explicitly describes what happens during sexual excitement and climax and suggests appropriate behaviors associated witih masturbation in a non-judgemental way.

It’s normal and healthy for men and boys to explore their bodies in privacy.  People with autism may have problems understanding the social rules associated with this aspect of their sexuality. This social story attempts to make the rules and expectations clear.  Please use with sensitivity.

IMPORTANT READ THIS: Be careful about using “Good Touch Bad Touch”.  Good/Bad may bring up feelings of guilt, could be over generalized, and might be confusing as an assault often starts with touches that feel good then moves to touches that feel bad.  Also, there are some studies that have shown that children understand the word touch differently than adults.  For example they wouldn’t categorize people kissing as touching, because well, they’re kissing.  I think this could be a problem for someone with an intellectual disability that doesn’t categorize well.  I like the terms safe and unsafe touch.  I also like saying touching makes you feel something.  If a touch feels good, it’s probably safe.  If a touch doesn’t feel good it’s probably not safe.  Then you can teach specific kinds of touches.


Use paint sticks and velcro strip to make an activity of putting things in order (social stories); could also use for an individual schedule for kids with autism– very portable!

Paint Paddle Game (2) Paint Paddle Game (1) Paint Paddle Game (7)


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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