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Is it a Rock or Play Dough Type Problem? (free worksheet)

Is it a Rock? or Play-Dough (or Doh) Type Problem?

The purpose of this Activity: Develop effective coping skills for dealing with problems. For elementary and middle school ages.

Start by teaching children what coping is and what it is not.

Coping is such an important skill to have. Effectively coping with a challenging situation can change how we think, feel, and/or act, about that event and in effect shape our approach to life.
Rock or Play-doh

Click Here to Download the worksheet: LPS.Rock or Playdoh Problems.Coping Skills Menu

Activity: Give Your child some play-dough. Tell them to shape the play-dough into anything they want using only their hands & their desk surface. Ask Your child to list off challenges they have to deal with; death, illness, divorce, moving, parent changes job, friend moves away, changing schools or grade levels, personal challenges etc. Write their answers.

Rock or Play-doh 2

Next Instruct them to use only their hands and desk surface to shape this next object into anything they want. Then give them the rock.

Ask who controlled the Play-doh and how they did this. Go on to talk about how some problems are like Play-doh, they can be controlled by making a change, and some problems are like a rock, they cannot be controlled or changed so you must cope with them. We describe coping as dealing with a problem in a safe, healthy, and respectful way for ourselves and others.

We go on to discuss how coping is a way to help ourselves feel better and take a mental vacation from the problem.

Rock or Play-doh 3

Download PDF Menu of Coping Skills here: menu_of_services Word Document Version (edit): menu_of_services

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Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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