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Ways to be a friend AND ways to not be a friend 

Ways to be a friend

read a word if they can’t

Tell them they are good at something

Be able to say “I’m sorry”

Be considerate, & be generous

Take turns

Compliment them 

Help your friend if he asks for it

Keep their secrets that they tell you to keep secret

Share things, like your lunch

Be respectful to them

If you have something you don’t want, give it to your friend

If they are sad give them a special present

Say good job

Help them clean their room

Have them over to your house

Let them play in your game

Help them clean up their room

Take them places



If your friend gets hurt bring her to a teacher

Be helpful to your friend

If they lose in a game say “good game” instead of bragging

Don’t argue 

Respect their privacy

Invite them to play with you

If they are discouraged, cheer them up

talk to your friend

When they’re upset, comfort them

Call them by the names they want to be called


Respect something your friend does

Try to agree with your friends 

Ways not to be a friend

Lie to them

Called them a name they don’t like

Dump them

Brag a lot

Make mean faces

Talk behind their backs


Boss them around

Say “ha ha you can’t do that”

Bite them, push them

Say “so what,” when they win an award

Don’t help them when they have a problem

If you can do something and your friend can’t, make a big deal about it

Hurt them or say they stink

Say to your friend “I have this and you don’t!”

Being mean to them

Don’t let them in your gym group

Say “I don’t like you”

tell someone else whom he or she likes

Tell someone else one of their secrets

Make fun of them them

Tell them they can’t play your game


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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