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English vs Spanish False Translations – word for word translating doesn’t always work

A few Spanish/English False Friends

the false friends:
English – part of speech – Spanish
the English meaning the Spanish meaning
library – n – librería a place where you borrow books a place where you buy books
to divert – v – divertir to change the direction of something to have a good time
sympathetic – adj – simpático understanding nice, friendly
argument – n – argumento a verbal fight the plot of a book, film or play
to prove – v – probar to make certain that something is true to try something new, to try some clothes on
topic – n – tópico a subject/theme cliché
eventually -adv – eventualmente in the end/finally possibly
informal – adj – informal casual, not formal irresponsible
crime – n – crimen something illegal a murder, serious crime
to realise – v – realizar to be fully conscious of something to carry something out
sensible – adj – sensible to have good sense sensitive
actually – adv – actualmente in fact nowadays
educated – adj – educado a person who has received a good education polite
conductor – n – conductor a person who leads an orchestra the driver of a vehicle
particular – adj – particular special private
content – adj – contento satisfied happy
success – n – suceso someone/thing that turns out well an event
parent – n – pariente mother or father family member
direction – n – dirección move to something/where address


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