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Body Map Kids Project 

A fun way to teach your kids about their bodies.


So that you can layer things correctly do the steps in this order: 

1. Bones with waterproof white tape

2. Glue the brain have them draw eyeballs and a mouth. 

3. Glue the heart, then the stomach, and the esophagus, and then deliver.

4. Now glue the kidneys and bladder, then ureters connecting the kidneys/ureters to the bladder. 

5. Lastly use tissue paper to make the small intestine and another color to make the large intestine. 


Anatomy Project for kids! Life Sized Body Map. 

1. Trace your body on large piece of brown contractors paper.

 2. Trace over the pencil outline to marker color of choice.

  3. Gather and look through human body and anatomy books – make body organs and bones.

  4. Use construction paper to cut out organs. White masking tape for bones. Bubble wrap for lungs (since they are full of little air chambers). Q-tips for fingers. Crepe paper steamers for intestines. Noodle teeth.  

 * buy contractors paper at Walmart or any home improvement store.


👍 label the paper left and right. Give them some fun facts. 

Tip: use masking tape to keep the contractors paper from rolling up. 

💥The largest and strongest bone is the femur bone.

💥The largest organ is your liver. Thanks to your liver you were able to eat french fries. In order to digest fat bile is required, bile is stored in the gallbladder but is made by the liver.

💥There are 206 bones in your body.



We went to the library and I got a bunch of body books for them to look through. 

Tip: cut out the organ shapes while the kids look at the body books. 


Sorry no Photo with the large and small intestine from tissue paper scrunched up…. Next time!



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