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Private Parts and Circumscision – talk to children – must have book for parents 

 Mom where do babies come from? Most parents live in fear of this question. Inevitably it will come up. Sometimes as early as the preschool years. It’s a book amazing you, is a picture book that was designed especially for young children were becoming sexually where putter ready to learn about sexual intercourse. The book contains clear and age appropriate information about reproduction, birth and the difference between girls and boys bodies. The book also promotes a healthy attitude about body image.

If your child masturbates, not panic it is perfectly normal. It is best to encourage your child to do it in a private place. You want to hope your kids feel pleased with their bodies so you told him that no one else could ever be touching them. Tell your kids that they own their bodies and that they can say no.

This book is a fantastic tool to guide any parent with those first conversations about sexuality. As parents we all know that our preschoolers begin to ask questions about their bodies and this is a normal curiosity.

Most commonly between the ages of 2 to 6 years old your child will notice pregnant women and they will want to know where babies come from? Does not mean that they are ready to hear about intercourse and hate to not need to know about it yet. But they are really asking and wanting to know is where in your body the baby grows and how it comes out. It is important that you do not make up stories about storks or anything else. Be honest with your children, if you lie to them it ruins the trust. But also keep in mind that you should only give them the amount of information that they can understand, depending on their age and maturity. Generally an explanation of dads sperm joining moms egg is sufficient enough to help children understand how a baby begins to grow.

My children are not circumcised. I am a pediatric nurse and when I was a nursing school I worked as a nursing assistant at the company hospital and my state. One of my most dreaded tasks was to hold a pacifier, that was dipped in sugar water,  inside the mouth, of a tense, rigid, screaming, newborn during a circumcision procedure. The newborns arms and legs were he’s trained with straps to a plastic board. While reading the book “Amazing body,” to my son he started asking questions about the way his penis looked compared to other penises that he has seen. It was a perfect opportunity to teach him about his body in a way that was not she mean and to let them know that it was okay that his penis look different. I explained to him the reasons that some parents choose circumcision: to look more like dad, religious, cultural. It was also a chance to let him know that the procedure is not medically recommended by pediatricians and is soley a parental choice. He was really curious.  I watched with him a short clip of the actual procedure being done to a newborn and I also watched with him a short news clip regarding the issue around circumcision. Not every child would be able to handle watching a video of the actual procedure parental discretion is advised. I have posted both the links that I used.

This is the page that triggered the questions relating to circumcision for my Son at the age of seven years and zero months.

These are the links. We only watched a short snippet of the actual procedure not the entire video. And I was right there watching alone side my son. 

News clip on the issue

Video of newborn circumcision

The history of circumcision video :


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