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Books that teach children respect, manners, mindfulness, positive affirmations 

These are books that are fantastic! They will help to support your teaching of critical life skills that all children need to be aware of. Children need clear expectations and they need to understand what appropriate behavior is. What appropriate behavior looks like. These books will help children to relate and to understand using kid friendly language- what a positive affirmation is, how talking to themselves can help them, how to express their feelings in appropriate ways, how to calm themselves down, how to be a good friend, the importance of honesty, how to build up their self-esteem etc.

I am a mom of a difficult child with special needs. The point of this posting is to help other moms whether your child is difficult or not to have some resources to assist you in teaching your children life skills that they will need for the rest of their lives. There are a lot of books out there! These are the best books I have come across and the ones that I have used to make notecards and whenever there is downtime or in the mornings I can grab a note card and quickly remind my son of skill from one of these books. The more you practice, just like with everything else, the easier it gets and the more second nature it becomes for children to know how to respond appropriately to a given situation. The trick is to scripted for them ahead of time.

This book is fantastic! I made note cards for each of the positive affirmations. And I use skittles, fruit snacks, yogurt covered raisins, you name it, to motivate my son to repeat these affirmations daily. It really helps to build up their self-esteem. Especially kids with the diagnoses of ADHD they tend to have a low self-esteem. This book is great. Perfect for a kindergarten or even a preschooler, first grade or second grade or third grader and even a fourth grader. Every morning my son looks into the mirror, with my prompting of course, and says “I love myself just the way I am!” He says this out loud 10 times and then he gets a little treat. (I am not above bribing!)

This is an excellent book that children can relate to and will help to teach them mindfulness and social skills for both the classroom and at home. The author does a great job and really captivates the child in each page. Also great from preschool age through third or fourth grade. A lot of times kids don’t realize or they do not know what being a bully is? Or what behaviors are considered socially inappropriate? This book does a great job of teaching kids in a funny silly way how to be a good friend. For example: “did you know that budging/pushing your way to the front of the line is being a bully or that not keeping your hands to yourself is being a bully?” You would be surprised how many kids will say “no,” and then you can say “well now you know,” and this book has great pictures that will help support these critical social skills that all kids need to be aware of.

This is another great book on the subject of bullying. It has fantastic tips at the end of the book. I recommend this book for children that are being bullied as well as those children that are doing the bullying. Both types of children will find help in this book. 

Fantastic!  Have children listen to the CD, which is a song, and look at the pages. Great fucked I’ll teach kids about empathy, effects of bullying and more self-awareness in general. Period simple, short and with a clear message.

This is another easy children’s book. The author does a great job of captivating the child’s attention on each page. It gives a great example of how to turn a negative affirmation into a positive affirmation. And how to turn around a feeling of “being no good” and “giving up,” into a positive end by seeing things in a different perspective. A drawing of a cat doesn’t have to be a perfect photo like resemblance of an actual cat it can be “cat-is” and that is good enough.

Fantastic! Great! Wonderful book. This book is probably geared for kids that are in second grade 3rd grade 4th grade 5th grade 6 grade 7th grade 8th grade and ninth-grade. But I have been reading it to my first grade son and he seems to grasp the content and actually becomes pretty engaged in the majority of it. This is an amazing kid friendly book on critical social skills- even parents will benefit from reading this book to their children. It has several chapters (we read one chapter per night)! Easy read- easy to understand and very relatable. 

Great social skills book for preschool through 5th grade age. Activities included in the back of each book- I made notecards with some of the activities and review them in the mornings with my son. Kid friendly language and very relateable. my favorite note card that I made from this book are the expectations of being a good active listener. Children need clear expectations, and you cannot assume that a child knows how to be a good listener or how to follow the rules. This book does a great job of explaining to children why rules are important, how to be a good listener etc.

Great book for school age children in elementary school. It also does a great job of providing examples to script what children can say when they are confronted by someone that is teasing them or how they can correct a hurtful statement that they made. I made note cards using this book. There are activities and the last pages of this book that are also helpful for parents and teachers. 

Being grumpy and laughing don’t go together well- great book to help kids laugh about grumpy  times. 

This books helps children see the harm that lies cause to others and to themselves. It also helps kids understand the reasons that kids choose to lie. This book brings great awareness for children. 

This book points out all the fun things that you do in school. Toss a great example of how you have to fight with kids to get into the tub and then fight with them to get them out of the tub. 

A great engaging book about a machine that spits out a lie ticket when the character tells a lie. Great book to bring awareness of trust, honesty, truth telling. 

A quick easy read with some great advice for kids. Put into the perspective of “do you want to be liked and welcome wherever you go? If so the follow the advice…” Puts the control on the children. Easy short read. 

Great book to teach kids the right way to listen. Had s listening game in the back of the book. I made notecards from this book and the listening game is super fun way to practice and learning listening skills. Listen with: body (keep hands to your self, body quiet); eyes (watch what the speak does, look at the speaker); ears (listen to what the speaker says, think about what the speaker is saying). 

Great book that teaches kids social skills- some kids get stuck on having an enemy. With a wise dad and an afternoon spent with the enemy things turn out good! 

Book to bring awareness to excuses. Children can do anything they set their minds to. 

Book about generosity – points out the benefits of doing kind acts for others. It helps to teach kids about being grateful. Write down each person or family members name on a piece of paper and then have each person draw another family members name and intern say something appreciative about the person whose name was drawn. Use this as an ongoing activity to foster gratitude and mutual appreciation. Get a three ring binder drying paper markers pencils and make a we are grateful for journal. Talk with your kids about what it means to be grateful every day keep adding to the journal things that everyone in the family is grateful for. Each day you and the kids can drop picture write in the journal entry of something that you saw, something that happened, or something you realize that you are thankful for such as colorful leafs, a ride to school, a warm sweater. Continue this over several weeks notice in from time to time how full the journal is growing and how much there is to be grateful for.


Mother, Pediatric Nurse and a Trail Blazer for Positive Change.

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